Isekai C-Mart Hanjouki (異世界Cマート繁盛記) by Araki Shin (新木伸)

What do you do if you’ve just quit your job and discover you have the power to wander between the real world and a fantasy world? Why, open up an import shop, of course.

Even if the gold starts rolling in without a hitch, the real work is putting a smile on everyone’s face. But what sort of merchandise would tickle the fancy of the denizens of a magical realm? Puzzling that out is now the daily life of the happy-go-lucky “visitor” who opened C-Mart.

Ch 001-007 — Available from Pettanko Translations
Ch 008 : The Inimitable Convenience Store Bag
Ch 009 : The Inimitable Bubble Wrap
Ch 010 : The Elf Girl’s Daily Wage
Ch 011: The Inimitable Empty Can
Ch 011.5: The Inimitable Empty Can — Beautiful Tsundere Blacksmith Girl Version
Ch 012: The Inimitable Coffee?
Ch 013: The Inimitable Chainsaw
Ch 014: The Inimitable Swimsuit
Ch 015: Money Talk
Ch 016: in progress